Wholesale Transport Sales
For those who are have  large storage capacity (10,000 gallons plus) Keck Energy offers you our wholesale price. These large deliveries – typically 7,500 gallons of diesel or 8,500 gallons of gasoline offer you the best cost savings. Our fuel transports are equipped with pumps which allow us to fill above ground tanks quickly.



Tankwagon Sale
For the smaller purchases of 100 to 4,000 gallons, our 5 compartment tankwagons are ideal. These smaller trucks can get into tighter areas than the transports and can carry a mix of various products.




Inventory Management / Keep-Full Service
When you don’t want to worry about checking the tank level, we can set you up on a keep-full basis. Our route drivers will stop on a regular basis and keep your TANK FULL. We can also monitor your tank inventory via the internet depending on the equipment available.



Fuel Tank Rental
We have 500 gallon and larger, double wall, UL 142 tanks available for short term and long term rent. For the short term rentals, our trailer mounted tanks are great – ideal for contractors.




Generator Service
Don’t ignore that backup generator! How long has it been since you last filled the tank? If the fuel is more than a year old, it is recommended that the fuel be pumped out, and new fuel pumped in. The storage and biocide additives are highly recommended for generators that are not used on a regular basis.



Fixed Price Contracts
Looking to lock in your fuel price for future deliveries? We can offer you a contract that provides you with a fixed price for later delivery.