• Fuel Tank Rental Services
    Fuel Tank Rental Services
    There is no reason for you to buy your own tank. Rent a fuel tank from Keck Energy for a reasonable price.For short term rentals we're also available.
  • Inventory Management / Keep-full Service
    Inventory Management / Keep-full Service
    When you're not in a position to have to worry about the fuel that is delivered but you don't want to have to run out, we've got regular routes that will let our drivers schedule a delivery to you and monitor your fuel use to make sure that your tank stays full on a full time basis.
  • Transport Truck
    Wholesale Transport Sales
    Our transport trucks are fully kitted out with pumps to fill your above ground tanks as quickly as the below ground ones.

About Us

Keck Energy offers you more than 85 year's experience in dependable and affordable services in fuel delivery. Supplying Des Moines and the surrounding area with fuel for this amount of time, you know that Keck is dependable.

Fuel Services

Wholesale Transport Sales
Tankwagon Sales
Inventory Management and Keep Full Service
Fuel Tank Rental Services
Fixed Pricing


ULSD / Ultra low sulfur diesel
Premium Fuel Addictive
Biocide Treatment
Cold Flow Addictive

Keck Energy | Des Moines, IA Fuel Service

Keck Energy, Des Moines, IA fuel service experts are dependable and affordable and timely.  Keck Energy can assist you with all of your gas selection requirements. Our experts can advise you on the best fuel to use for your purposes and having chosen it, Keck can ensure that you get the fuel that you need in a timely way. Des Moines, IA fuel service is a necessity for our farmers businesses and we make sure that it gets there when you need it.

Keck Energy offers you a modern fleet of trucks that can meet the needs of nearly every customer. Our courteous and professional drivers complete your gas delivery in a timely and helpful way. The key to our success and to staying in business for more than 80 years is Keck Energy’s innovative methods, our forward thinking and progressive fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and E85. Further, Keck Energy’s customer service is second to none.

When you need a fuel service Des Moines, IA that will deliver diesel, ethanol, E-85 or any petroleum and do it in a timely and cost effective way, Keck Energy can fill your needs. Call today and explore your fuel delivery options at Keck Energy